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Ways You Can Use Your Real Estate License

So, you’ve gotten your real estate license – Congratulations! Now what?

Even though new agents in Rhode Island are required to complete pre-licensing courses and pass exams to become licensed real estate agents, many come out of training still feeling unprepared for working in the industry.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or perhaps have decided that you’re not cut out to be a real estate salesperson, there are still several ways you can utilize your license.

Here are a few roles to consider, even if you’ve concluded you do not want to immediately or ever – work as an individual agent. (It is important to note that the following roles and their prospective duties can vary depending on the brokerage, team, or individual agent and their business model.)

Train with a Productivity Coach

Perhaps your ultimate goal is to work as a real estate agent, but you just feel unqualified and intimidated by the role. Maybe you even tried it for a few months, and you couldn’t gain any traction. This is where a productivity coach can come in and really turn things around for you.

Your coach will be well-versed in the real estate industry, and he or she will guide you on the steps you need to take to jump-start your business. A good coaching program is fantastic for bridging the gap between real estate knowledge and executing successful business practices.

Your coach may also be able to help you find your niche in the many different facets of the industry, including commercial and residential real estate, or focus on working with buyers vs. sellers.

This extra training and support can truly help you build a firm foundation for your business and leave you feeling much more confident in your role as a real estate agent.

Executive Assistant

If you’ve decided that you are just not a salesperson, but you do enjoy real estate, you might find a rewarding career in administration or as an executive assistant.

Oftentimes, agents find themselves overwhelmed, with not enough hours in the day. When this happens, that agent must figure out a way to delegate responsibilities and create leverage in their business. This is where an assistant comes in and saves the day!

It is worth noting that a real estate license is not required to be an executive assistant. However, because you will be able to handle a wider range of tasks, you will probably make more money than your non-licensed counterparts.

Executive assistants manage most administrative tasks such as handling documents, compliance work, drafting contracts, answering phones, and scheduling appointments. If you are organized but don’t want to hunt for clients or sell properties, an administrative role may be a perfectly rewarding way for you to use your license.

Listing Manager

If you love fast-paced environments and are detail-oriented, you may enjoy working as a real estate listing manager. A listing manager’s job is very crucial, as they are typically responsible for inputting property listings into the Multiple Listing Service.

You would more than likely be in charge of making sure that properties have an attractive appearance and are presented well. Also, becoming a “scheduling pro” will be necessary, as you’ll be in charge of arranging home showings. Be prepared to have many irons in the fire, as they say – You may have to successfully schedule dozens (or 100+) showings per week for your team.

Working as a listing manager can be very satisfying for the right individual. Having your real estate license is extremely beneficial for this role and can help you in providing more value to your team.

Showing Specialist

A great way to “get your feet wet” in the real estate industry is to work as a showing specialist. In this role, you will serve as the middle man between the homebuyer and agent. Your job will be to identify homes that meet buyers’ needs and ensure that each potential homebuyer enjoys a top-notch experience when viewing a home.

Many new agents prefer to start their career as showing specialists, where they’re able to successfully learn the ins and outs of real estate. Working as a showing specialist may give you the confidence and expertise you need to eventually begin your career as a real estate agent. However, many people do find satisfaction in this role long term.

Transaction Coordinator

A transaction coordinator ideally possesses strong, assertive attributes. He or she usually works alongside an agent to help move things along within a real estate transaction, so it is typically necessary for this individual to be licensed.

Common tasks include organizing and submitting contracts and documentation, gathering information from buyers and/or sellers, tracking milestones, scheduling closings, and helping clients negotiate inspection items.

Marketing Professional

Do you love promoting goods or services? If you do, you may enjoy working as a real estate marketing professional. In this role, you will work to improve marketing strategies for real estate teams and agents. Individuals who have strong communication and grammar skills, as well as an artistic eye, are usually ideal for this type of role.

Accessing the Multiple Listing Service, which requires a real estate license, is very helpful for this role as well. Other duties usually include creating digital marketing content, reviewing marketing analytics, writing copy, and managing websites/CRM and branding.

Inside Sales Agent

If you love working with people and cultivating leads, you may enjoy the role of an Inside Sales Agent. Like an ISA, you will help qualify incoming leads, prospect for new leads, and follow up with old leads.

This role is very important because it takes the burden of lead conversion of the real estate agent’s shoulders, saving them a lot of time and increasing their sales. Inside Sales Agents are often a lifeline between the client and the agent, getting the client ready to move forward with the buying or selling process.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways that you can use your real estate license, other than selling properties. If you feel that you’re just not cut out to be a salesperson, but you’d like to find a way to successfully use your license, consider one of these vital roles.

There are plenty of amazing agents out there looking for passionate individuals who love real estate in various different capacities. You, too, can find your niche in the real estate world, even if you’re not working as an agent! Contact us today if you’re interested in one of these essential real estate roles – We’d love to discuss our current opportunities with you.

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