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To Rent Or To Buy – That Is The Question!

Whether or not you should rent or buy a home is often a decision that comes with many questions. But before you make your decision, consider these 3 key factors:

CONSISTENCY: Buying a home means consistent monthly payments. With a mortgage, monthly payments are predictable and stable, versus rent which can fluctuate and has been consistently rising for decades.

WEALTH: Homeownership helps build your wealth. The average net worth of a homeowner is almost 40 times that of a renter. That’s because monthly mortgage payments build equity – and in turn, net worth – for you, not your landlord.

FLEXIBILITY: Owning a home gives you greater flexibility than renting. Renters can’t truly personalize their space by changing appliances, painting, or renovating. Homeowners, however, can make design changes and upgrades as they see fit.

If you’re ready to take advantage of the perks of homeownership, let’s connect to explore your options!

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