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The Ultimate Moving Preparation Guide

Did you know 38% of people report that moving is more stressful than a breakup? But we’ve got good news – you do not have to be a part of that 38%! Your move can be less stressful than you ever imagined with the proper moving preparation and a solid place in place. Check out our top 10 tips below.

1. Create a Moving Timeline

Create a timeline – or calendar – for your move. Print out one or two monthly calendars and write down your target closing date. Next, work “backward” with your timeline, filling in targets for specific rooms or areas to complete packing.

Don’t forget to decide what day you’ll need movers and get them scheduled. Completing this step will make you feel more prepared for the big day!

2. Determine Whom to Hire to Help

Take an honest inventory of the task ahead and how much “stuff” you plan to move, remembering your moving timeframe. Do you have to relocate everything in one day, or will you have a few days to coordinate the move?

Compare and confirm moving companies, self-pack storage box options, or friends’ availability to ensure you are prepared for your moving day. The longer you wait, the fewer options you may have and the more stress you’ll encounter.

3. Prepare Packing Supplies

  • Estimate how many large, reusable totes you can use in your new home long-term and invest in them. Purchase multiple sizes, but don’t pack them too heavy to move.
  • Start keeping large Amazon boxes and ask friends and coworkers to do the same. Additionally, you can check your local liquor store or wholesale grocer for boxes.
  • Don’t forget to grab some packing and painter’s tape before starting. Painter’s tape is excellent for creating easily removable labels!
  • Get a few permanent markers for writing on labels.
  • Lastly, purchase mattress and vacuum storage bags – they are game-changers for packing clothes and bedding.

4. Designate a Packing Station

As you forge ahead in your moving preparation, you should set up a packing station. The location can be wherever you and other packers feel the most comfortable, whether a dining room table, kitchen island, or spare bedroom. Your supplies will reside in this central location, providing a simplified packing process.

5. Focus on One Room or Area at a Time

Start with one room at a time, either fully packing it or pairing it down to the bare essentials. Think of this step as force simplification, which allows you to stay more focused and less stressed as the big day gets closer.

6. Purge Unused and Unwanted Items

As you pack, take the opportunity to sort through your belongings thoughtfully. Consider donating, selling, or tossing things you haven’t thought of, used, needed, or worn in the last 6-12 months. Why take extra unused items with you? Start fresh in your new home!

7. Label, Label, Label

As mentioned in a recent YouTube short, label all five sides of each box and tote when packing items. On each label, you will write what’s inside the box and in what room the box should be placed in your new home.

The more detailed you can make the label, the better. Looking at a box and knowing where it goes and what’s inside is a moving-day game-changer!

Your movers, whether professionals or friends, will appreciate your labels. Everyone will know where everything goes without having to ask.

8. Plan How You Will Move Your Valuables

Next, plan how and who will move your valuables and belongings as a part of your moving preparation. You may relocate specific items yourself, like firearms, expensive jewelry, or treasured family heirlooms.

If you move them personally, you won’t have to worry about them getting damaged or misplaced. They can stay safely packed in a locked vehicle until after all boxes are moved, allowing you to focus on the day.

9. Be Flexible

Remember that your closing date is a moving target when buying a new house. The date in your contract is the day you aim for, but things can change. To reduce stress and worry, begin packing as soon as possible (in case you have the option for an earlier closing date).

10. Prepare For Moving Day

What’s your game plan for the big day and the night before that day? You may break down all your furniture, including your bed, the night before. If you go this route, you can stay at home one last night and sleep on your mattress on the floor. A second option is to stay in a hotel the night before moving day.

Whatever you choose, pack everything except the bare essentials the night before your move. Fill your suitcases with minimal clothes and toiletries and pack your last box of kitchen supplies. In the morning, your last step will be to bag your bedding and mattress, load your valuables and personal items into your vehicle, and wait for the movers to arrive.

Final Thoughts

With these moving preparation tips, you’ll be on your way to a smooth and successful move in no time!

Don’t forget to check out our free resources to help you transition into your new home, like how to shut down home intruders with these seven safety strategies.

Do you have more questions about moving or about the home-buying process? Please contact us anytime – we look forward to helping you reach your goals!

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