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How to Get Top Dollar for Your Home

Selling a house can be stressful. You likely want to sell it as fast as possible, but perhaps even more importantly, you want to sell it for top dollar. Finding the right real estate agent to partner with to market your home is the first step and one that should not be taken lightly. But, selling your house shouldn’t be placed completely in your agent’s lap.

There are several things that you can, and should, do to make your property stand out so you can get top dollar for your home. Here are 11 proven tips to make sure your house stands out from the competition, ensuring that you sell your home as quickly as possible for the highest possible price.

Price Your Home Aggressively

Setting the right price for your home may be the most important decision you will have to make. Price it too high, and you risk turning off buyers. Price it too low, and you leave money on the table. One simple method for pricing your home aggressively is to spend the day looking at your competitors’ homes. This enables you to see the market through the buyers’ eyes. Be tough and honest with yourself. Compared to the competition, what would be the price that would best position your home in your market?

As the real estate market is transitioning to higher mortgage interest rates, this old maxim is once again relevant: Nothing kills a real estate deal faster than an over-priced property. Don’t let your ego factor into the listing price. If you have chosen a strong real estate agent then trust them to guide you to choose a price that will get motivated buyers into the door quickly.

And, if you price your home aggressively, you may even create a bidding war and drive the overall sale price up to where you wanted it to be in the first place, allowing you to get top dollar for your home.

Consider Using a Pre-appraisal and Pre-inspections

A pre-appraisal is an appraisal of the home before a buyer has made an offer. By doing this, you will have an objective voice that has provided value for the property independent of your own opinion and may be a great tool in talking with buyers.

Appraisal results can vary if they’re for a refi vs. purchase. Let appraisal inspection know it’s because you’re selling a listing.

Also, many sellers do a pre-inspection where a professional home inspector examines your property to identify any potential problems or repairs that need to be made. Think of it as an opportunity to know what the buyer might request before an offer is made or a purchase agreement is signed. Keep in mind that anything discovered during a pre-inspection will likely need to be disclosed whether you fix the issue or not.

Stage Your Home

Home staging can range from something as simple as creating a clutter-free oasis to going all the way up to renting furniture if you’ve already moved out of your home while it’s on the market. You can stage a home on your own or hire a professional company to do it.

Remember, buyers, don’t make offers unless they become emotionally invested in your home and staging it well can improve its perceived value and help you get top dollar for your home. In fact, according to The Mortgage Reports, staged homes sell 73% faster than non-staged homes. 

Boost Your Curb Appeal

It may seem cliché, but first impressions really can be everything. How a home looks from the outside has a great impact on how many potential buyers walk through the front door.

Consider repainting your doors and shutters. Also, pressure washing the clapboard (or siding), driveway, and front walk as well as trimming the hedges and trees. Taking the time to work on improving the curb appeal contributes to the overall look of your house and helps make it feel warm and inviting. 

Create a Digital Home History

Buyers look for houses that are move-in ready and have been well-maintained. Online services, like HomeZada, allow you to create an online digital footprint that details your home’s maintenance records, floor plans, warranty documents and more. If you have properly maintained your home, an online digital footprint can enable you to showcase your efforts while allowing potential buyers to fully appreciate the home’s maintenance history.

Make Your Walls Pretty

Many homeowners are so used to looking at their walls that they often don’t even realize that their wall treatments have become dated or faded. Many wallpapers and bright paint colors can also turn off potential buyers. Consider removing wallpaper and choosing an alternative with a broader appeal, like neutral-colored paint.

Install Smart Home Technology

Today’s home buyers can be very technologically savvy and appreciate smart home technology. Installing smart door locks and thermostats are inexpensive but will help your house stand out. Smartphone-controlled carbon monoxide detectors, foyer lights, and home security systems also add a “wow factor” and could just be the features that make your house stand out from the pack. You can buy two or three of them and tout your house as a state-of-the-art, smart home.

Repair What’s Visibly Broken

Fixing a few issues before listing your home for sale can go a long way toward adding value and helping you get top dollar for your home. Again, many homebuyers are only interested in homes that are in move-in condition, so it’s a wise investment to repair any misaligned closet doors, leaky faucets, cracked windows, etc. Remember, if people see something broken, they may question how well the home was cared for and worry about the integrity of the less obvious things that they can’t see.

Pack Away Your Personal Items

Potential buyers want to visualize themselves in the home, so personal effects left on display can ruin the illusion, making your property feel less like a home for them and, therefore, less inviting to a potential buyer. It’s worth it to take the time to pack away certain items like pictures, trophies, and awards.

Be Smart About Marketing

Today most buyers will see your home online before they ever see it in person. It takes just a few seconds and a couple of mouse clicks for a potential buyer to decide if your home is deserving of an in-person showing. To enhance appeal, make sure to upload only top-quality, high-resolution photos and videos to online real estate search sites.

Choose the Right Agent

Finally, above all else, if you want to get top dollar for your home and sell it quickly, you must work with a qualified agent. Your agent is the person who’s going to help you set the appropriate price, understand market trends and show possible buyers the inherent value of your home.

You need a Realtor who understands your local area down to the neighborhood, who uses technology, is dedicated to getting your house sold, and that you feel is on your team. 

In Conclusion

In today’s hyper-competitive housing market, the right real estate agent makes a difference in helping you get top dollar for your home. You want someone you trust and feel comfortable with who can navigate through the process with your best interests in mind.

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