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Home Selling With Pets: 4 Tips to Make It Easier

Did you know that according to the American Pet Products Association (APPA®), 70% of US households have at least one pet? For many of us “fur parents,” our pets are like family members. As much as we adore them, they can make selling our homes a little more complicated. However, home selling with pets isn’t impossible! With our tips, all prospective buyers – whether animal lovers or not – can enjoy the beauty of your home without any distractions from your pets.

1. Hire a Pet Sitter

The last thing you want is for a buyer to get jumped on, bit, scratched, or knocked down by your pet. While this probably wouldn’t happen, it is possible whenever an animal is present during a showing or open house. So, it is best to drop your pet off with a friend, family member, pet sitter, or doggy daycare during these times.

You should also consider relocating your furry friend during professional photography sessions. Doing so ensures they don’t get in the photographer’s way or accidentally end up in pictures.

2. Remove All Signs of Your Pet

With our pets come toys, food dishes, and other items. These things are dead giveaways that you have pets living in the home. While this might be fine for some buyers, others could be turned off.

So, the second step to home selling with pets is removing/relocating any obvious signs that an animal lives there. In addition to toys and food dishes, check your house for the following items and take them away:

  • Pet beds
  • Litter boxes
  • Leashes
  • Pet food bags
  • Cat towers
  • Scratching posts
  • Dog houses
  • Crates or kennels
  • Potty pads
  • Photos of your pets

3. Clean, Clean, Clean

Deep cleaning is essential for any home sale, but it is even more so if pets live there. Pet owners spend so much time with their pets that they often don’t notice things like dog hair or specific odors. However, buyers will detect these things.

Begin by vacuuming all surfaces. Pet hair hides everywhere, so grab all your attachments and tackle your home’s hard-to-reach areas. Some sellers use lint rollers in places where hair refuses to vacuum away. If you have hardwood flooring, sweep and use dry duster pads to remove the hair.

Because pets – especially cats – can cause allergic reactions in some people, vacuuming and sweeping sometimes aren’t enough. After vacuuming, consider shampoing your carpets. If you don’t own a steam cleaner, you can rent one from a home improvement store. Don’t stop with your carpets – the steam cleaner is excellent for removing pet stains and odors from furniture and upholstery.

Next, wash whatever you can, including curtains, throw blankets, and pillows. You can easily clean most of these items in your washing machine. Clean all glass and furniture with the appropriate cleaners – pet dander and hair love to stick to these surfaces. Change HVAC filters and add a HEPA filter if possible, which helps to remove odor-causing bacteria from the air in your home.

Last but not least is an area many people forget to check – outside. Clean up any pet waste, dog toys, or other “pet reminders” you find.

If you don’t have the time or ability to deep-clean your home, consider hiring professional cleaners or asking friends or family members for help. Want more stress-free home cleaning tips? Check these out!

3. Repair Damages From Pets

Take a “damage inventory” before listing your home for sale. Your pet’s little mishaps may barely be noticeable to you but can stick out like a sore thumb to potential buyers.

If, during your deep cleaning, you couldn’t remove all the pet stains from your carpet, consider replacing it. All chewed-up furniture and torn cushions should be replaced or covered. Inspect your walls, doors, and baseboards for claw marks, which should be repaired before your first showing. Remove ripped curtains and install new ones.

Don’t let scratched-up hardwood floors scare you – they make some incredible wood-floor restoration products that can help address the problem. If you still can’t seem to remove the scratches, consider hiring a floor refinishing service.

Lastly, step back outside to check for necessary repairs. Has Fido dug up your flower beds? If so, spruce those areas up by planting new shrubs or flowers. Don’t forget to check for torn screens or damaged fencing, which should be replaced.

Final Thoughts

We hope we’ve helped make home selling with pets feel more manageable. Not every buyer is an animal lover, but with the appropriate planning and effort, you can help ensure they love your home either way.

Are you ready to sell your RI, MA, or CT home? We can help. With our innovative marketing, we know how to put your home in front of the buyers that want it. Call us today to get started!

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