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Here Are 6 Mistakes Every First-Time Buyer Should Avoid

Buying a house is a complicated process, especially if it’s your first time. It’s important to be empowered with the facts so that you get the most for your money.

Our team has earned the trust of hundreds of clients who rely on us to lead them home. We’re tackling 6 Classic Buyer Mistakes to help you conquer the market on your first try.


  1. House-Hunting without a Mortgage Preapproval

A mortgage preapproval is the key to being taken seriously in today’s housing market. It signals to agents that you’re a qualified buyer.

Most agents won’t even represent you unless you have proof that you can afford it. Sellers like preapprovals, too, as it shows you mean business. A mortgage preapproval helps you achieve this and more.

Don’t be one of those “buyers” using an agent’s time without the mortgage preapproval to back it up. Besides, getting preapproved for a mortgage is a straightforward process, and your agent will know a loan officer who will get the process moving.

  1. Being Hazy on the Details

As a first-time buyer, you must have a fundamental grasp of the process. Otherwise, your blind spots can quickly turn into disappointments.

Partnering with a trusted buyer’s agent is a great way to understand the process more fully. Rely on their expertise to fill in the gaps in your understanding, and they’ll lead you towards a good result.

Don’t be afraid to let your agent know that you’re hazy about how the buying process works. They’ll sit down with you and cover things from A – Z. True professionals are always happy to share their knowledge with their clients. They want you to be empowered!

  1. Not Empowering Your Own Agent

This may seem obvious, but it’s a slippery slope that can catch new buyers off guard.

Let’s say you attend an Open House for a home in your price range. You start talking to the seller’s agent, and then before you know it, you’re view of the process is tilted in favor of the seller.

It’s not that listing agents are out to get you, but they represent their client. As a new buyer, you need someone to represent you. This will give your agent more leverage at the negotiating table while helping you maintain fair expectations.

Remember, it’s always best to have someone working for you!


  1. Buying Together, but Dreaming Apart

A good number of first-time home buyers are couples who are ready to finally own their first house. It’s an exciting time, yet it can also be fraught with tension, especially if both parties are not on the same page.

One person may want a more traditional style. The other may be hoping for something more contemporary. One may value space, whereas the other may prize location above all else. There can even be conflicting expectations around the budget.

Whatever the sore spot, maybe, couples need to discuss their expectations before they go house hunting. Your agent can be a resource for helping you narrow down your search.

  1. Being Easily Dazzled and Underinformed

You’re headed to an Open House for a home that you’ve been scoping out online. Before you know it, you’re imagining the perfect furniture and ogling the home’s details.

However, there are other aspects of a house that are important to question.

  • Is the home drafty with older windows?
  • Have updates been done to the home’s systems?

These are just a few of the questions to bring with you to an open house. Speak with your agent about how to select a house that checks every box and won’t turn into a maintenance headache.

  1. Snoozing and Losing

“Here today and gone tomorrow” perfectly sums up the current housing market.

If you don’t act in a timely way, you could risk missing out on your dream home. Inventory is still low, so the buyer’s market remains competitive.

Work closely with your agent to determine when how quickly you should act. An agent can help you determine when to submit an offer and how to negotiate it so that you’ll stand out.

Remember, you have a professional at your side who’s ready to help you sort through everything you need to know. The goal is to get you what you dream of!

Are you a first-time buyer who’s ready to make your move? We’re here to help you get started.

Our expert agents are ready to walk you through what you need to know to help make your dreams a reality.

Contact us today, and let’s make you a homeowner.

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