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4 Reasons Why Selling Your Home without an Agent Is a Bad Idea

As the famous line goes, “there’s no place like home.”

That’s why it’s vital to make the right choices when selling life’s biggest investment. Selling your home without an agent can be an unwise move – there’s arguably no better choice you can make than working with an experienced agent. 

In this blog, we’re sharing four big reasons why you should never sell your home without an agent.

1. A great market doesn’t guarantee a great result

Pricing a home to sell at top dollar is extremely complicated. It takes more than an internet search or a conversation with your neighbor who recently sold their property.

To get the most out of this unique property market, it’s smart to contract with an experienced agent, preferably one who specializes in listing homes.

Here’s what you could miss out on by selling your home without an agent:

  • Someone to help you sort through the best offers. Let’s say that you list your home for a price you think is fair. You then begin receiving offers, and you accept an offer for what you originally asked. Had you been guided by a professional, in this market you could have attracted even better offers for more money.
  • Accepting less just because the buyer has cash. We may think that we’re in the best position to sell our homes, but only a professional agent knows how to keep you in the black. The fastest and flashiest offer is not always the best.
  • What you save in commissions, you’ll likely lose by making a mistake. This one’s obvious. Do you know how to professionally stage a home? Do you have professional photos ready to go? What about MLS access? How about negotiating after inspection or appraisal? Not knowing how to do these things can add up to big costs.
  • Other agents may take advantage of you. Not everyone takes ethical business practices seriously. If an unsavory buyer’s agent senses a novice on the other end of a sale, your lack of experience could work against you.

The key theme here is that going it alone ultimately can mean losing money when you sell your house. It’s best to contract with an experienced seller’s agent who knows what it takes to get you more.

2. Emotional sellers are often disappointed

Not everyone sells their house under ideal circumstances.

Perhaps you’re experiencing a death in the family or economic hardship. Whatever the reason, emotions and high-stakes real estate transactions don’t mix well. So, what can you do if you’re feeling overwhelmed?

The first thing you can do is be open with your agent about how you’re feeling. Let them know that selling your home is a tough experience for you so that they can guide you through the process with extra care.

We see our clients at every imaginable stage in life. A good agent works in real estate because they have a passion for helping people. True professionals will listen carefully before taking the necessary steps to ensure that your result isn’t compromised by what you’re going through.

Remember, your agent works for you.

3. Closing day chaos

A lot can happen on the lead-up to closing day, let alone on the closing day itself.

  • Important documents must be signed and submitted. Do you have all your paperwork in order? The simplest error can set you back.
  • Do you know how much is due at signing? Imagine making it to closing day without knowing your closing costs. Have you made the correct adjustments for fuel, rent deposits, or anything else that may be applicable?

That’s just the beginning. Most of the potential issues you encounter will likely accrue before you ever get to closing day. If you want a headache-free transaction, selling your home without an agent may not be the way to go. There’s just no substitute for a qualified agent who can guide you through the process of selling your house.

4. Negotiating requires professional experience

Picture it…

You’ve somehow managed to get top dollar without an agent. You’re one of the very lucky few.

Now it’s time for home inspections. A shrewd buyer’s agent now wants to negotiate repairs that total $20K. You agree, not realizing that you just threw away a chunk of your profit.

When negotiating the final terms of a sale, the details add up. It’s easy for the average homeowner to get led down a path by an experienced negotiator. The next thing you know, you could be walking away with less profit – and your house, as well as your time, are worth more. Calling an agent at the beginning means you can do it the right way from the start.

Homeowners, our team is here to get you more

There’s no excuse for any homeowner to have a bad experience putting their house on the market, especially in a market like this. Yet, that’s what you risk happening if you try selling your house without an agent.

It takes more than just a red hot property market to bring home the big bucks. It takes an entire team of dedicated experts to help your property shine with buyers and at the negotiating table.

As for our team, click to discover how our unique selling process drills down to get you top dollar.

Ready to sell WITH an experienced agent? Contact us to put our expertise to work for you. There’s no question too small!

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