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Monthly Archives: October 2021

    Your Agent Is Key When Pricing Your House

    By Spectrum Real Estate Consultants | October 19, 2021

    icing your house right takes market experience and expertise. ? Realtors® and real estate agents balance market demand, the values of homes in your neighborhood, where prices are headed, and your home’s condition to find the best price for your house. ? Read More

    Shut Down Home Intruders With These 7 Safety Strategies

    By Spectrum Real Estate Consultants | October 13, 2021

    According to the FBI, more than one million burglaries are committed in the United States each year, with victims suffering an estimated $3 billion in combined property losses. Fortunately, there are some proven tactics you can use to decrease your likelihood of a home invasion. Read More

    To Rent Or To Buy – That Is The Question!

    By Spectrum Real Estate Consultants | October 8, 2021

    Whether or not you should rent or buy a home is often a decision that comes with many questions. When deciding whether you should rent or buy, make sure you’re considering these factors. Read More