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Monthly Archives: November 2020

    Yes, Building Wealth Through Homeownership Is Possible

    By Spectrum Real Estate Consultants | November 12, 2020

    We frequently overhear renters assuming that building wealth through homeownership is no longer possible. To that, we say, “hold our SOLD sign!” One of the best ways to build your family’s financial future is through homeownership. Recent data from the Federal Reserve indicates that a homeowner’s net worth is over 40 times greater than that of a... Read More

    4 Key Reasons to Sell Your Home in the Fall

    By Spectrum Real Estate Consultants | November 9, 2020

    We sell our homes for many reasons. Downsizing, upsizing, and unexpected life events are just some of the reasons why we sell our homes. Traditionally, the warmer months enjoy a spike in home sales, as the weather is conducive to house-hunting. Yet, there are good reasons to sell your home in the fall, too. And... Read More

    What is Owner’s Title Insurance & Why Do I Need it?

    By Spectrum Real Estate Consultants | November 5, 2020

    You’re ready to close on your newly purchased home—congratulations! The paperwork is ready to sign, and your Realtor® is guiding you through the next steps. It’s an exciting time, right? Buying a home is complicated, and there are many factors within even the most straightforward transactions. Among these factors is Title Insurance, which mortgage lenders... Read More

    How to Win a Real Estate Bidding War

    By Spectrum Real Estate Consultants | November 2, 2020

    With so many buyers in the market and so few homes for sale, you may be wondering how to win a real estate bidding war. If not, it’s a question you may want to ask yourself, especially if you’re ready to buy a home at a time when the competition is stiff. These days, bidding... Read More