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Meet the Spectrum REC Showing Specialists


We believe in always being available to show your property to qualified buyers, no matter what. Our Licensed Realtors are professionally trained to highlight your property’s best attributes and really make your home shine during a showing. While other agencies might provide lockbox codes or allow other agents to view your home with their clients, we make the promise to always have a licensed representative present at every appointment. Let us help you get the results you deserve!

When it comes to high-stakes customer service, details matter. Thankfully, Darius doesn’t miss a thing.

Before joining the team, Darius worked in the records center for one of the nation’s largest pharmacy chains. Later in his career, he began training others on best practices, ensuring that his team members were as meticulous as he is.

As a skilled presenter, Darius effortlessly makes connections with people, leading them to take positive actions while ensuring the best outcome. It’s no wonder that he’s emerged as the perfect fit for our team’s new Showing Specialist.

Darius is here to ensure that every potential buyer has a world-class experience when viewing your home. He’ll serve as the point person to give buyers and their agents have up-to-date information. When Darius is involved, you can rest assured that your home is in good hands.

Because of his depth of knowledge, Darius can also help buyers discover their ideal property. He gives house hunters a serious advantage by offering a seller’s perspective so that buyers can feel confident they are getting the most value.

When Darius isn’t winning over sellers and buyers with his all-star communication style, you’ll find him taking road trips and building computers from scratch.

Mike Marini

Professional, passionate, committed- When you tour your new home with Mike, this is what you can expect. He strives to be a positive, bright light to others and truly goes above and beyond to connect with people.  

He works to be successful in all his endeavors, and he won’t give up until he knows that all of his clients are happy. He knows that anything can be accomplished through hard work and dedication, and that’s what he brings to the table each day as a Showing Specialist at Spectrum.

When he isn’t showing homes, Mike enjoys painting and creating artwork. He also loves to exercise regularly and has been involved in softball leagues for many years. Occasionally, he even dabbles in restoring classic cars.

Mike loves to show his care and compassion for others by supporting “Teen Challenge,” a Christian organization that helps people of all ages overcome drug and alcohol addictions. Mike is the real deal- He truly strives to go the extra mile for so many people in his life, especially his clients.

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